Storm Water Utility Information

The City of Montevideo is implementing a new monthly Storm Water Utility charge that will begin to appear on your Montevideo utility bill you receive in July 2023.  The charge will help cover expenses related to storm sewers, retention ponds and other projects related to storm water in our community.

The fees are based on the type of property that is billed and, in some cases, based on the size of the property being billed.  Residential properties will have a flat fee of $6.50 per month.  Fees in commercial and industrial properties will be charged based on property size, calculated utilizing the $6.50 base figure.

By implementing this utility charge, the City will be able to address large scale storm sewer projects.

Presentation on Montevideo Storm Water Utility charges. The City of Montevideo worked with Ehlers Public Finance Advisors on developing the storm water utility to address project needs within the community.