Flood Information

Flooding in our community is caused by several sources: The Chippewa and Minnesota Rivers leaving their banks as a result of a heavy snowfall during the winter and faster than anticipated melting in the spring. Next, ice jams further upstream in Benson or Ortonville that have broken loose or are blasted loose will result in fast currents in Montevideo. Various floods from both water bodies have hit Montevideo in recent memory. 

Major Flood Stage:


Moderate Flood Stage:


Flood Stage:


Action Stage:


Historical Crests
(1) 23.90 ft on 04/06/1997
(2) 22.15 ft on 04/14/2001
(3) 21.68 ft on 04/12/1969
(4) 20.09 ft on 03/23/2010
(5) 20.02 ft on 04/10/1952


Information on whether your property is in the 100-year floodplain can be obtained by coming into the City of Montevideo Office and having the Building Inspector help you.  Maps are available to look at as well as other flood-related information.  Montevideo also has Elevation Certificates for new development available.  Contact the City of Montevideo office at (320) 269-6575 for further assistance.