Our Community

Most people don't realize that a community can be progressive without sacrificing quality. 
In Montevideo we are dedicated to ensuring opportunities exist for growth, without forgetting quality of life.

We consider...

     *advanced healthcare system
     *strong educational system
     *diversified and growing business community
     *meeting the housing needs of the young and aging
     *recreational opportunities for residents and tourists
     *our rich history and culture

                      ...essential parts of life in Montevideo.

  Visiting Montevideo

Montevideo has so much to offer visitors of all ages.  Whether you enjoy learning about our historic pioneer background, finding pleasure in the activities the lazy Minnesota River provides, or prefer one of our unique shops or restaurants, we truly have something for everyone.

We are anxious to have you with us and share the many treasures we have to offer.  If you need further assistance in planning your visit, please contact the Montevideo Area Chamber of Commerce and Convention and Visitors Bureau at 320-269-5527 or 1-800-269-5527 or generalinfo@montechamber.com.