The work of the utilities program is supervised by a utilities superintendent who reports to the City Manager. The division oversees the provision of potable water to the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors of the community and operation of the wastewater treatment plant. The Superintendent also oversees sanitary sewer lines and lift stations. He is assisted by four (4) full-time employees.

Drinking water is drawn from five (5) wells throughout the greater Montevideo area and is processed in accordance with all federal and state standards. To circulate this water, the city maintains the water distribution system that delivers water to residents and businesses within the community. In addition, water is pumped to an elevated storage tank with 500,000-gallons to enable distribution in accordance with consumer demand. At this time, there are approximately 41 miles of watermain within the community. A new water plant was constructed in 2002.

The wastewater treatment plant operates on a 24-hour per day, year round basis. This program is responsible for the collection and treatment of all sanitary waste materials within the city. System elements include a wastewater treatment land, lift station; testing laboratory and a collection system of sanitary sewers and manholes. There are approximately 24 miles of sanitary sewer lines in the city. A new wastewater treatment facility is being built in 2009-2010.

Revenues generated from the water/sewer charges are used to pay for operational and capital expenditures.

Water   Wastewater  
Water Source Wells Treatment Type Mechanical Plant
Storage Capacity 1,250,000 gal. Capacity 3,000,000 gal./day
Pumping Capacity 2,630 gal./minute Average Demand 900,000 gal./day
Average Demand 750,000 gal./day Peak Demand 1,500,000 gal./day
Peak Demand 1,200,000 gal./day  

Total Water Hardness 42 grains/559ppm    
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Other Utilities      
Electric   Natural Gas  
Electric Utility Xcel Enery Co. Gas Provider Great Plains Natural Gas Co.
Telephone (800)895-4999      Telephone (320)269-5529
Econ. Dev. Contact Trisha Rosenfeld

Econ. Dev. Contact Mitchell Stueck
Telephone 612-227-8880 Telephone (888)577-5529
Electric Utility Minnesota Valley  Coop Light    
Telephone (320)269-2163    
Econ. Dev. Contact Pat Carruth    
Telephone (320) 269-2163